Blair Fyffe

Operations and IT Engineer

Project Management

Led a team of 4 to deliver a custom network deployment, increasing 23.7% network coverage & a 40% speed increase

Support Services

3 years of 1st and 2nd line Troubleshooting support experience across Linux, ChromeOS, Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS. 

Customer Relations

Developed and organised large scale presentation and program management engaging with various customers.


Won top student in Computer Science for the year award for 
best dissertation 

Human Visual Based Perception for Steganography

Publication Article
IT resident


An IT Resident at Google focuses on troubleshooting, responding to inquiries and sourcing solutions to technical challenges. Beyond the day-to-day we aim to improve the Googler user experience by contributing to longer term projects and documentation efforts. 

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Operations Engineer


Responsible for keeping the BBC online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
This includes oversight on iPlayer, News, Sports, Radio and Childrens.

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Twister Creative

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Blair is an effective engineer with a particular aptitude for recognising improvements, this quality backed by a strong work ethic delivers positive results time and time again.

Blair has a great personal and professional character which makes others amenable to him.

During Blair’s time in my team, I have observed an ability to both follow direction and take initiative; he is able to remain calm under high pressure operational scenarios.

Blair is technically capable and is able to self study.

I do not hesitate to recommend Blair and have enjoyed my time working with him.

Lee Jarvis

BBC – Principal Ops Engineer

Blair is an intelligent engineer, who was an integral part of our shift in Operations.

His inate drive for improvement and efficiency, resulted in a portfolio of development work for a bespoke set of tools to aid Operations.

He is constantly developing his understanding of technologies, languages, and processes to help him achieve his lofty aspirations.

Most importantly, Blair is a charismatic and eloquent individual.
He was always well regarded with peers and management.

I look forward to following Blair’s progress, and
I have no doubt Blair will be successful in progressing his goals.

Robin Campbell 

BBC – Team Lead

Blair is a skillful and technical engineer who exumes motivation and charisma. He has a can-do attitude which is a must for any employer and team mate. He has been a pleasure to work with and is always welcome at the BBC.

He is always actively seeking work and improvements to the problem solving life cycle within the work place, whether it be creating excellent documentation or developing in house operations tools using software development languages.
His work ethic is examplerary and will stand him in good stead for the future

I look forward to following his already colourful career path and hope to keep in contact in the future as our path may cross. 

Steve Hy

BBC – Senior Ops Engineer

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